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Handling manipulators and industrial grippers

Handling and relocating bags!
Lifting aids for handling bagged goods!
Reliable vacuum technology and vacuum systems!
Bag lifter for B2B

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Strödter bag handling manipulators

STRÖDTER bag handling manipulators are used economically in production, storage and shipping areas for:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Palletizing
  • Picking
  • Filling and emptying

The Strödter bag handling manipulators offer the operator the opportunity to handle bag containers in different weight ranges from 10 kg to 80 kg quickly, ergonomically and weightlessly to transport.
With the Strödter manipulator hover control, the operator can move the bags weightless and floating at the working height and all axis areas.

Device techniques

Strödter always offers complete technologies for a wide variety of applications. Lifting equipment also for low rooms and for diving into work areas with disruptive edges.

  • Stand column articulated arm manipulators for individual workstations
  • Standing column rail boom with pneumatic double cable balancer or pneumatic lifting axis manipulator for larger work areas
  • Rail-guided manipulators for large hall areas
STRÖDTER bag handling STRÖDTER lifting aid for bags STRÖDTER handling manipulator for food handling STRÖDTER joint manipulator for bags

Gripper techniques

Depending on the task: Bag material, filling quantity and wrinkling, we use the appropriate gripper technology.
Depending on requirements: Either vacuum gripper, pneumatic gripper or fork tines.
The most common technology on the market is vacuum technology (systems with vacuum suction bells or vacuum suction traverses).
Select the suitable technology in terms of functionality , energy efficiency and economic benefit, is a responsible task.

The Strödter manipulator technology works particularly energy-efficiently and saves money with its energy-saving technology compared to other bag lifters for that Bag handling involves considerable costs. Especially in today's times with high energy prices, this is an important economic factor planning such vacuum systems.

Device portfolio

  1. Stand column joint manipulators
  2. Standing column rail boom with double cable pneumatic balancer, alternatively with pneumatic cell phone balancer.
  3. Rail-guided manipulators with double-cable pneumatic balancer, alternatively with pneumatic cell phone balancer.

Hovering is better than lifting!
Industrial manipulators from STRÖDTER
System supplier in B2B

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